Founded by Monika Burton in the 1990’s, Crystal Files by Burton Spa is home of the Original Crystal File.

Our Crystal Nail and Foot files are made of fine natural Bohemian Crystal from the Czech Republic and are Eco-friendly.

The smooth and efficient performance of our Crystal Nail and Foot files, along with the durability of the filing surface, makes them the best file on the market today.  The materials used in our Crystal Files do not contain any heavy metals or undesirable elements or additives.

Our Deluxe Foot file is ideal for dry, callused heels and is delicate enough to use on fussy feet. The Deluxe Foot files will not tear the skin or cause irritation, making them safe for use by people with health conditions.

All our files are easy to maintain, simply wash with soap and water, and let air dry. If maintained properly, we offer a 100% lifetime guarantee on the filing surface.

Crystal Files