Q. What makes Burton’s Crystal Files better than other nail files on the market?

Crystal Nail Files are the original files made of Bohemian Crystal. Produced in Europe, they undergo strict quality control.
Unlike many other products, especially paper or metal, the filing surface of your Crystal Nail File will last you for a very long
time. Test results prove that with regular use of your Crystal nail File, you will enjoy less chipping and splitting of your nails.

Only with Crystal Nail Files, you can file in both directions without damaging your nails, making it faster and easier to care for your nails.

Bohemian Crystal Files are made of hardened non-porous, specially processed glass, which does not harbour germs. They are also environmentally friendly 🙂



Q. How long does it take before I notice a difference in my nails?

You will notice a difference right away. Immediately after your first use, you will notice how smooth the tips of your nails have become.

Q. How do I care for my Crystal File?

Personal Use: The files are very easy to maintain. Simply wash in hot, soapy water (with or without a brush).
Professional Use: Burton’s Crystal Files can be repeatedly sterilized with either heat (avoid repeated use of extremely high temperatures), liquid, or UVB lighting. We do however recommend the clear files for professional use.

Q. Can Burton’s Crystal Files break?

To ensure that you enjoy your Crystal Nail File for a very long time, please remember that it is a glass product. Please do not apply excess pressure, and do not allow it to fall onto a hard surface. When not using your Crystal File, please keep it in the protective tube or sleeve which is provided to you.

Q. Can I use my Crystal File on artificial nails?

Yes. For ideal results, dip your Crystal File repeatedly in water while filing your artificial nails. Best used with the thicker files such as our professional series.

Q. Can I take my Crystal File with me on the plane?

We strongly recommend traveling with our Travel Files (rounded end) Because there are no metal elements in it, it breezes through airport security.



Q. Are Burton’s Crystal Files safe to use on children and babies?

Yes. We have received many positive comments from mothers who use Crystal Nail Files on their babies. Due to the extremely gentle filing surface, Crystal files are ideal for use on fragile nails. We do recommend adult supervision if used by children.

Q. Can I use my Crystal Nail File on my calloused skin?

Our Deluxe Foot File is designed especially to remove hardened and calloused skin from your feet. The best results are achieved by first softening the skin by immersing your feet in water or using your foot file directly in your bath or shower. To maintain baby soft feet, we recommend regular use of your Crystal Foot File.

Q. Can we have our company logo put onto Crystal Nail Files?

Yes. To have your logo permanently printed onto the files, we need to have your company logo in an AI or CDR format. The minimum order for printing is 100 files, all of the same image. Please note your order may take up to six weeks. All custom orders are subject to a 50% deposit.

Q. I want to place an order, but I don’t have a credit card or paypal account. Can I send you a check, e-transfer, or call ?

Yes. You can call us Toll Free at 1.888.642.0770 to order directly with us if you do not have a PayPal Account. We also accept checks and e-Transfers from Canada and the USA. We will ship your order as soon as the check or e-transfer clears, usually between 3 to 5 business days for checks and 24 hours for e-transfers.

Thank you!







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